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Kenneth Rimm is a award winning photographer based in Copenhagen Denmark, and the founder of Kenneth Rimm Gallery .

His photographic work spans across portraiture, landscape and abstract images, that often challenges the viewers imagination & curiosity. 

The landscape & natures detailed abstract shapes & forms is a constant inspiration, and the foundation for many of the photographic works in recent years.

With his high sense of detail & ability to notice & absorb everything around him, he uses photography as a language to convey the deepest and most complex emotions inside. 

All images are created using manual large & medium format cameras, with the Hasselblad as a steady companion, often fixed on a tripod.

The larger formats assures a very high quality, but also adds a slowness in the working process, that calls for concentration & contemplation. 

His work is often a result of countless experiments, that often goes nowhere in itself, but leads the way to the final images.

A process that usually takes at least a year, and sometimes several years, from the day of shooting, before they are ready to show, or to reject.

In his abstract works, the colours, shades & shapes are based on natures own, but reworked more like a painting, that builds on reality, but is taken a step further into the imaginary world.

His fine art photographs has been exhibited in his native Denmark and across Europe, and are held in corporate & private collections.

Alongside his fine art photographic work, he has been commissioned by clients like ELLE magazine, Wallpaper magazine,

Kodak Worldwide, IWC Schaffhausen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, Loreal, Max Factor among others.

Kenneth Rimm is available for editorial & advertising commissions, artist talks and creative workshops.


Text & photographs © copyright Kenneth Rimm