Kenneth Rimm fine art photographer Copenhagen Denmark

Portrait of fine art photographer Kenneth Rimm standing by window with blue abstract seascape limited edition print.

Fine art photographer and visual artist Kenneth Rimm.

Kenneth Rimm is a Danish fine art photographer & visual artist and founder of Kenneth Rimm Gallery.

I have always wanted to be a photographer in one way or another. Nothing else. Although the motifs & genre through life may seem to have changed, it is the same for me in a way. Photography has taken me far and wide, from portraits, to landscape photography and the abstract images that occupy me the most now. Although I may technically be an art photographer, photographic artist or photo-based visual artist, titles & genres are not something that preoccupies me. Regardless of the subject or photographic technique, it is the personal expression that counts. A personal style if you like. Photography has always been an essential part of me, and a way to find inner peace, and get a break from all the daily impressions. A place where I can keep the inner balance, recharge, and express myself without too many big words.


My photo series are rarely planned, but arise as random opportunities I see, and maybe I make a picture. Then I use my intuition and experiment. Besides the more creative part, there is always a lot of craftsmanship in each picture. But what usually takes the longest, is to look at the picture for a longer period of time. To see if I like what I see in the first place. I am often very self-critical, and images that I love one day can be useless the next. A process that can be shorter or longer. Some pictures may be in the archive for several years & be taken out again and again. Others I may find after a sudden urge, an see opportunities that I did not see at first. That’s why I always have a lot of pictures & experiments running in parallel, that I can work on. Get behind the images here.


The experiments create images that often lead nowhere in themselves, or belong somewhere. But which opens up new possibilities, and leads the way to the final images. Only when a series is in place it can become more planned. But often I don’t know where an image belongs until later, and sometimes they fit in several places, depending on how they are processed.


For me, inspiration is very much about getting started. To feel like photographing & making pictures. Not necessarily to make what the inspiration came from. Music, a movie, a painting, a beautiful body movement. Or the light on a beautiful winter day. Where the day changes to evening and the warm tones mix with cold blue colors in the sky. But inspiration is also about keeping my spirits up, and being true to myself, and go on, even when it’s hardest.

My images spring from inspiration from many things through life, where concrete things do not necessarily play a role. But over time, things find their way – a color here a tone or a shape there. Daily influences from experiences, people and impressions that whiz through the soul & retina. My best pictures are reflections of myself, and my inner landscape. A kind of invisible self-portraits that I can not see until they maybe come out one day through my photography.

Publications & Awards

My pictures have been published in Danish & international magazines such as ELLE, Wallpaper, Communication Arts, Berlingske & Euroman. I have received several international awards, nominations & honorable mentions including the Hasselblad Masters awards.

Questions & contact

After detours to London & New York, I now live and work again in my native Denmark, in the countryside outside Copenhagen.

If you have any questions regarding available edition sizes & pricing or anything else, feel free to contact me, or visit the buy prints section for general information.



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