Abstract smoke from a fire – about the Wildfire images – Kenneth Rimm

Fine art photograph of abstract smoke from a fire from the “Wildfire" exhibition in Copenhagen by photographer Kenneth Rimm

The Wildfire series comprises of abstract photographs of fire & smoke from a fire on a field.

The images are created out of coincidences, but at the same time they reflects a time in life, where all seemed black & hopeless.

The contrast between the pitch black smoke & the beams of sunlight, constant fight to gain power without luck.

The swirl of smoke, fire & clouds in the strong wind constantly created abstract images in the sky, replaced by the next seconds later.

The fire started quickly & was over a few hours later, like life that can seem long & chaotic, but is fragile & short.

Like the Satellites series the abstract shapes & colors are enhanced & reworked more like an abstract painting.

“The Wildfire series were photographed very quick & spontaneous, very much like the fire started.

Normally images are in a very long process from idea to the final fine art print. But in this case I had to seize the moment, before it was to late.

I was inside working on a hot summer afternoon when a huge cloud of smoke filled the sky. It looked like the whole neighborhood was on fire at first glance.

Slightly shocking, but mostly I thought it looked pretty fantastic. I quickly grabbed the Hasselblad and a few lenses, and jumped on my bike to find a good spot, which turned out to be pretty tricky.

The wind was very hard, so the smoke was moving fast & unpredictable. A nearby field was on fire & because of the strong wind, it was spreading fast.

The fantastic shapes of the smoke, mixed with the clouds in the sky, was constantly moving & creating new images, soon to be gone a second later.

I tried to keep this momentum in the process & started working on the images straight away, and released them on my website, as soon as I was happy with them, without worrying to much about the details. Something that is easier said than done for me.

When the time came to make the final prints, I spend 2-3 weeks working on them again, before they were ready to print & frame ”

The cause of the fire is still unknown & luckily no one was harmed.

Installation view of two fine art photograph from the “Wildfire" exhibition in Copenhagen by photographer Kenneth Rimm. Viewed from left side.


Installation view of two fine art photograph from the “Wildfire" exhibition in Copenhagen by photographer Kenneth Rimm. Viewed from right side.


Detail of "Wildfire” exhibition print framed in solid smoked oak.


Photography exhibition Copenhagen Denmark by photographer Kenneth Rimm


Exhibition view from the Wildfire series by photographer Kenneth Rimm.

Installation view from the Wildfire photography exhibition in Denmark during Copenhagen Photo Festival

All exhibition prints are in limited edition size 80×103 cm (image size 70×93cm) / 31,5×40,6 in. (image size 27,6×36,6 in.) framed in solid smoked oak on Dibond mount.

The whole stem of the tree is used, which makes each frame unique, showing all the texture & growth rings of the tree.

Prints are available in sizes up to 160 x 215 cm (63 x 85 in.)

For inquiries about available edition sizes & pricing please contact us, or click here for general information.


All images & text © Kenneth Rimm 2020